Matte photo paper or satin photo paper? The question arises whenever you need to print your photos. Each paper type has its own advantages. How should you choose? Read Canson® Infinity's advice to help you when choosing how to print your fine art photography.

Matte photo paper

For photos which will be regularly handled or moved, matte paper is preferable because it's more robust. Not only is it less sensitive when it comes to fingerprints, it's also more resistant to light. Matte paper is particularly suited to photo books which are viewed, passed around and handled by hand.
If you want to exhibit your photos, matte paper is ideal since it doesn't create any reflection. It looks like real paper and light will not be reflected on its surface.
Matte photo paper like Canson® Infinity Rag Photographique absorbs more ink. As a result, it offers a much more contrasting image: black tones are sharp and powerful and the rendering of perspectives will enhance your photo. This is why matte paper is often recommended for black and white photo prints or for photos with dark tones (brown, grey, dark green, etc.).

Satin photo paper

Satin photo paper like Canson® Infinity PhotoSatin Premium RC is recommended for different requirements. It has some features which are very similar to those of glossy photo paper and it creates photos with an excellent rendering of colours, among other things. Bright tones (orange, red, etc.) are particularly dynamic and the paper offers beautiful subtleties when rendering shading.
But it's different from glossy paper because it reflects very little light on its surface. This is a real advantage when you want to exhibit your photos.
Whatever questions you may have, feel free to ask your certified Canson® Infinity printer for advice . He or she will be able to recommend the ideal photo paper to enhance your work and to provide you with high quality fine art prints.

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