The canvases are generally woven from a mix polyester / cotton (poly-cotton) or less frequently from 100% cotton, are pre treated and coated for ink jet suitability. 

Attention before use :
the canvas is a soft, elastic material which may undergo a light distorsion in the unrolling direction while getting printed. As a result, the final printed size may differ from the original, file-based size. 
As this phenomeon depends on the canvas and printer, we advise you to check this point preliminary and correct the forward movement in the printer directly from the driver, if necessary. 

After printing :
please allow the printed canvas to dry at least 24h before further handling. 
Canvas is a very soft but resistant material which is especially suitable for painting reproduction. 
The printed canvas should be protected with a varnish before further handling or mounting on a frame. 
Commercially available and ready-to-use sprays based on acrylic varnishes and specifically designed for ink jet printing, will keep the surface aspect of the cloth. We advise you apply 2 coatings of liquid acrylic varnish. The white shade of the original varnish will vanish after drying and the result will be completely transparent.

You can use one of the following methods : 
- gently apply the varnish with a small polyester lab roller, in both cloth directions. The thin varnish layer will definitively fix the pigments from the ink.
The second varnish layer can be applied either with the roller or with a brush, in larger quatity in order to get a smooth or a aesthetical effect.
- for broader canvases, a spraying would be more accurate and homogeneous. We advise you to use either a painting spray or a compressor - please check and adapt the viscosity of the varnish before spraying.

The liquid varnish application requires more time and skill, but it ensures an excellent protection and even allows the print to be completely hand washed.
Acrylic varnishes are available in mate, satin or glossy finish - the satin can be hand made by mixing mate and glossy products.


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