John Miskelly"As a professional landscape photographer, producing fine art prints for my customers, my choice of inkjet paper is very important to me. Tonal range, colour fidelity, the handling of detail and ultimately the ‘feel’ of the paper are all critical factors in my choice of paper.
Having tested all of the major inkjet papers on the market a couple of years ago, Canson® Infinity was one paper manufacturer that consistently gave me the results I was looking for.
Within the Canson® Infinity range, when choosing a matt paper, I will use either Rag Photographique or Velin Museum Rag, both 100% cotton based papers containing no optical brighteners. If I’m looking for a paper to replicate the traditional fibre based papers, I’ll use the excellent Baryta Prestige."

John Miskelly has established himself as one of the top landscape photographers working in the UK and Ireland today. A multi award-winning fine art photographer and a Fellow of the BIPP, he specialises in stunning landscape and travel photography from around the world. Most recently, he became a Top 10 Finalist in the prestigious Hasselblad Masters 2018 Awards, out of an entry of over 30,000 photographers worldwide.

His style, which typically involves long exposures of around 8 minutes or more, reflects his vision in terms of both the simplicity and strong compositional elements that he finds around our coastlines. Influenced by the ascetics of Japanese gardens, along with their use of space and form, his resultant minimalist images are often captured in the subdued light at the beginning and end of the day, providing a feeling of softness and subtlety, that demonstrates his unique interpretation of the world around us.
John also runs a limited number of workshops and seminars, as he is passionate in passing on his knowledge and experience to those with a desire to learn how to make use of composition and light, as they discover their own personal vision.
When not out photographing, you will most likely find John hurtling down a mountain somewhere on his skis or enjoying the delights of good coffee.

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