"I am looking for beauty and elegance and my means of expressing that is through photographing landscapes. We are living in a world full of noise and bustle, both visually and audio visually. We are always in a hurry and hardly take time to stop and stand still, to be quiet and silently look around.
With humility, and sometimes hesitantly, I try to stop down this fast pace. With an open eye and mind I try to find subtle and intimate beauty, which is too often overlooked. My passion and drive is to make this visible and perceptible through photographic images of the landscapes that surround us. It makes me happy if the viewer of my picture can perceive some amazement too, if ever so slightly.

Wilco Dragt is born in 1960 and lives in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
Wilco Dragt is an award winning fine art photographer, specialising in landscape photography. Wilco took up photography in the beginning of 2007. Starting out as a nature photographer he rather quickly focused on landscapes. From there on his interest steadily transformed towards fine art photography of landscapes, both natural and manmade.
His drive to photograph stems from a strong desire to express the beauty around us. This desire and his taste for elegance are the backbone for the development of his photographic interest and artistic style. His style can be characterized as a search for mood and simplicity, with a keen eye for light, lines and forms, and detail. By making use of low light conditions at the edges of the day, at dusk and dawn, he creates his atmospheric and elegant images.