"hidden in plain sight – the familiar waits to be re-discovered!"
“What we ‘see’ often goes far beyond what lays before us. Echoes of our experiences, and recognition of the 'real' & 'perceived' within the landscape resonate within us, releasing instinctive responses and emotional stirring, often times drawing us into a moment past or perhaps a moment future? Color, Texture, Tone & Form provide the language by which we express our narratives. In my pursuit of excellence in image making, I constantly strive for the highest level of honesty in my translation of this expression!
This is why I use Canson Infinity papers !"

2013 Australian Professional Photographer of the Year Tony Hewitt has exhibited either solo or jointly in over 30 exhibitions. With a passion for people, places & travel, and an instinctive sense of the moment, he expresses a unique combination of award winning photographic vision, and simple creativity & design.
His photographic journey has seen him explore the genres of Fine Art, Landscape, Industrial, Portrait, Wedding and Aerial Photography, and he has been consistently invited to critique & judge both nationally and internationally since 1995.  He is widely sought after as a presenter and for his mentoring and coaching, including group programs which focus on personal development and creativity skills.
Tony is a Grand Master of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), a Fellow and Honorary Fellow of the AIPP & a Fellow of the NZIPP.
Website: www.tonyhewitt.com
Instagram: tony.hewitt
Email: tony@tonyhewitt.com

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