«Photographer, food lover and connoisseur.

For the past 20 years, a lust for life and endless curiosity have been his insatiable guides. He'll easily get swept up by a chance encounter particularly if it is winery or kitchen based and leads to a shared experience, driven by the senses.
He likes to melt into whatever he happens to photograph, explore, taste or compose. The image captures the encounter and reflects a unique moment when the men and women, vines, drinks and delicacies come into focus. 
As a true devotee, he knows how to slide into the background, and let the object of his passion speak for itself: generosity shines among the vines, in a chef's smile, on his hands; a crustacean's eye, the bluish hue on the fingers of a Bresse chicken, the unsettling outline of a quince or single grape are finesse embodied. There's as much harmony on a plate as there is in any landscape.»
Amandine Roussin
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