" In both my colour and B/W work, I need to convey the slightest tones and moods. In many instances, this can be difficult with c-print. I have found a love for the `naturalness` and feeling Canson® Infinity brings to my images. The shadows can remind of black velvet, while the highlights can be more subtle than any other paper available. Chemical-free ink and 100 % cotton and the longevity of these prints compliment the themes I convey in my projects."

Christian Houge born on 27/03/72 in Oslo, Norway. Based in Oslo.
I found the medium of photography on a travel around the world almost twenty years ago and have been obsessed by both photography and cultures ever since. My second discovery of photography was in my art studies in Oxford from 1989-1991.
I found that photography was a fantastic way for me to discover and try to get closer to the `realness` of life. Capturing something in my own search which, eventually, could lead to reaching out to many more who might have some of the same questions as me about life, people, culture and the world we live in. My goal was to dvelve into a subject in a prompt and honestly introvert manner, for thereafter to hopefully share this in a largely extrovert manner. This is why I became a photographer.
During the past fifteen years as a photographer I have been working in different fields of photography. In the beginning of my career I worked as an assistant for two years for a well-known advertising photographer in Oslo. After this I was doing well as a photographer in the field of advertising, but slowly this became to superficial compared to that I wanted to convey.
My first solo exhibition was in 1997 at Volapuck I Oslo. Since then I have had several solo shows in Norway, as well as in England and the US. My last exhibition was Barentsburg and `Arctic Technology` in February 2009 at Hosfelt Gallery in San Fransisco. I have received several photographic awards and arts grants on three occasions on my `Barentburg` series  from the Norwegian Artist Fund and the Cultural Advisory of Norway. I`ve held several public lectures on my work to photography students and been invited by the Norwegian Government to speak at gatherings for the Norwegian Government to show a piece of Norwegian photography.
I have been making photographs for twenty years and new worlds are still opening up to me. I am in awe and have a passion to reach deeper inside other human beings and invite them to see themselves in another light. The wonderment of the human mind and soul never stops fascinating me. For me, photography is not just something stopping time. It is a window to look through ; into myself in a way I could never have dreamt of. Having the chance to invite others to look into themselves is a gift.

Christian Houge Website: www.christianhouge.no