Norvegia Workshop 07 Luglio - 19 Luglio

Join Peter Eastway on the first of two Arctic voyages in 2021. This one goes to Svalbard

It’s really difficult to describe in words what an amazing destination Svalbard is. Tucked way up north of Norway, it’s quite a flight to get there - but the effort is more than worthwhile!
Svalbard is a photographers’ paradise, a land of towering snow clad peaks, giant calving glaciers and, we hope, polar bears!
But that’s just the headlines. There’s so much more to Svalbard, from sea cliffs sinking under the weight of nesting guillemots, beluga whales rising from the depths, wide open tundra and even a smattering of photogenic buildings and ruins. Svalbard has it all for the wildlife, landscape and travel photographer.

Svalbard Odessey with Canson Infinity Ambassador, Peter Eastway

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