USA Workshop 02 Maggio - 17 Ottobre

Grand Master of Photography JB Sallee is hosting an educational tour of 26 cities across the USA.

Canson® Infinity is proud to support @Sallee Photography's 2019 "See The Light" tour. Spanning over 25 cities across the USA, the event invites photographers to join Grand Master of Photography JB Sallee for a night of education and socializing. 

Highlights of the evening will include creative ways to gain new clients, how to shoot with off camera lights, and how to cut down editing time while still producing beautiful works of art for your clients. 

JB Sallee Photography 2019 Tour

Useful information

Find more information on the official website:
Each venue has two registration options: 4 hour seminar ($39) or 4 hour seminar and second day shooting workshop ($399).



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