Italia Festival 16 Maggio - 19 Maggio 2019

An amazing exhibition of the first ever 'street photography' printed on Canson Infinity Baryta Prestige and exhibited at the Street Photo Milan event.

The Evgeny and Yakov Henkin: Into the Light from Darkness. A Rediscovered Treasure is an archive of photos from Russia to Germany in the Twenties. The pictures were found in 2010, portraiting life between wars in these two countries. These photographs are considered as street photography at its beginning. The brothers shot with a Leica but never developed the films, until 2010 when they have been found and collected by the Association Henkin Brothers Archive – HBAA in Losanne. The photos show how life was during the 20s in Berlin and Leningrad, the gestures, the smiles, the eyes, the style. Daily life before politics changed the course of events; on one side Stalin, on the other Hitler. Both leading to the death of the photographers. The little selection of photos presented in Milan has been developed by Photofuture of Cagliari and printed on Canson Infinity paper.


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