Francia Workshop 22 Ottobre 2019

Join the CIC27 in Paris, “the city of light”, for a week of color-related courses, workshops, paper presentations, exhibits, and interesting conversations around technical topics and application areas related to color and imaging! Canson Infinity is proud to talk about " The Challenge of Red!

Red is the colour of extremes from love and seduction to danger, anger and strength.
All of these extremes have been depicted by artists and photographers for centuries and yet even today red continues to be challenge, to interpret accurately through the fine art print process.
Commercial photographer, Marianna Santoni reveals her latest project that looks at the challenge of red from an artistic and technical perspective from the capture of the image through to the final digital fine art print. Cyril Bertolone, Technical Manager, Canson Infinity, then dives deeper into the technical aspects of fine art digital printing and outlines some of the challenges that photographers and artists face today along with some solutions to ensure that ‘red is always red’.

Marianna Santoni
Italy-based international photographer and high-end retoucher. Marianna Santoni is a worldwide acclaimed Photoshop expert and she has won many top awards in the industry. Marianna is a Canson Infinity Ambassador.

Cyril Bertolone
Technical Manager for Canson Infinity, Cyril has been in the paper and digital fine art industry for 30 years and began in the R&D department for the business.

CIC 27 / A week of Color in Paris : The art and science of high-end digital color print-making

Useful information

Centre International de Conférences Sorbonne Universités (CICSU)
4 place Jussieu, Patio 44–55
75005 Paris
15:45 – 18:15


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