In tutto il mondo Workshop 17 Aprile 2021

The Art of Photography Conference 2021 is an on-line event featuring 16 inspiring presenters

The Art of Photography Conference on 17th April 2021 will educate and inspire a worldwide audience of photography enthusiasts with a programme of presentations covering a wide range of topics related to the practice of photography as fine art and creative expression. The full-day event spans 12 hours to accommodate guests and speakers joining from many time zones across Europe to the West Coast of America. The format of the conference is based mainly around presentations given by invited speakers. 17 individual sessions will be presented to cover a wide variety of photographic subjects, ranging from landscape, nature and abstract photography to traditional photographic processes and developing one’s creative practice and business strategies. Each 60-minute session will include a live question-and-answer period so conference attendees can interact directly with the speakers. Additionally, a crucial element of the programme is that all sessions will be recorded so attendees will be able to view the recordings for 30 days following the event.The Art of Photography Conference is the global, online event focusing on photography as fine art and personal expression. Using a dedicated virtual conferencing platform, an impressive group of professional photographic artists gives presentations covering each of their respective areas of expertise. Each attendee has the opportunity to request a sample pack of one of the new ARCHES papers to test.
Canson Infinity supports The Art of Photography Conference 2021

Attendance at the event is £67 or $97