USA Exposición 28 Septiembre - 29 Septiembre

There is a thin thread that weaves the weft with which Joe Oppedisano draws his own personal projects on the warp of his professional daily activity which include Advertising and industrial photography, it the surprising capacity to invent, running around freely and happily in the vast territory of photography.

“If the circus theme was represented the choice of a very personal subject to penetrate and document “en reportage “ other areas – more strictly experimental- have attracted his attention. I refer to his photo – mosaics that burst in a series of complex expansions-distortions, for which he even modified his camera, I refer to his successful efforts in rediscovering the signs of his childhood city New York, using a disposable camera.
It’s now the time for these black and white portraits that he calls “Inner Self ”  in addition these works show a conceptual operation that belongs to a personal way of interpreting a genre – The Portrait – which is at the origins of photography.
The setting in which Oppedisano puts the person, sometimes anatomized in a close up shot, sometimes set in his milieu, sometimes even simply meta-morphosed by referring to the subjects profession, is the second frame. In this the photographer inserts one of four possible portraits of the subject photographed according to Roland Barthes’ theory “ What the person thinks he is, what the person would like others to think he is, what the photographer thinks the person is, what the photographer exploits to show his art.
It’s difficult to say whether Oppedisano, in showing his art, can also reveal his subjects to themselves”
Lanfranco Colombo

The photos are printed on Canson Infinity Edition Etching Rag 310 g/m² by Gusmeri Fine Art (Brescia – Italy).

Exhibition at “Newburgh Artists 2019” di Joe Oppedisano – Newburgh (NY)

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2019 September 28th and 29th 

Regal Bag Studios
302 North Water Street
Newburgh, NY 12550

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