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José B. Ruiz. was born in Alicante in Spain in 1966.
He is a professional photographer and writer, specialised in nature and its preservation. He is the author of more than fifteen books on these subjects.
He is currently the most recognised Spanish photographer in international nature photography competitions and one of the main ambassadors of photographic excellence for Spain.

His images are published in more than forty countries through various prestigious organisations and media outlets such as "National Geographic" and "Geo Magazine International USA". He is currently working on several photography projects all over the world.

In 2007, he participated in the macro-exhibition "100% Natural" at the invitation of Caja Mediterráneo. This has been the largest open-air exhibition in Spain so far. It lasted three years, travelling to emblematic sites of the main cities of Spain. www.cienporciennatural.es

José B. Ruiz. has had nine solo exhibitions and participated in 6 joint exhibitions, some of them international. He was curator for 3 national exhibitions and adviser to events such as "Fotogenio 2009".
He has worked in international libraries specialised in photography, even though in 1993, he began to work exclusively for the Natural History Unit of the BBC, now renamed the "Nature Photo Library", www.naturepl.com

In cinema, he has been an operator screenwriter, a director of photography and a camera operator for several documentaries and three television series on the environment.
He has taught many courses and given many conferences on the photography of nature for various institutions and agencies. in all, he has worked on 350 courses, conferences and projections. We would like to emphasise his article on night photography for the Darwin Centre of the London Natural History Museum, broadcast live.
- President of "WildPhotos", Royal Geographical Society, London.
- President of "Scottish Nature Photography Fair", 2008, Perth, Scotland.
- President of "Festival Internacional Fotonaturis" in Leiria, Portugal, 2008.
- President of the GDT "International Nature Photography Festival" in Lünen, Germany, 2010.
- President of the 2010 International Photography Festival in Helsinki, Finland.
- President of the 2011 ASFERICO "Festival Internacional de Fotografía" in Italy.

Awarded the silver medal in 2007 by the German Photography Federation.

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