“As a photographer there are several steps to the process of creating images; for me, taking the photograph is only the first step, and a photograph does not exist unless it is printed.
When I decide to print, for me the material is very important since choosing the material is deciding the intention of the image, that can change a lot.
For me it is very important to see my images on cotton paper because the texture completely changes the image and Canson Infinity has the range of papers that I like to work with the most because I can have different textures inside the cotton paper."

Ana Hop is a photographer born in Mexico City, and her work focuses on portraiture, mainly with natural light.
She graduated from the Ibero-American University where she studied communication, and she travelled to London to study photography and perfect her technique. When she returned to Mexico City, she specialized in portrait photography and worked as an editor for an Editorial Televisa magazine.
Ana's work stands out for its great use of natural light and the play of contrasts that she achieves by inserting hard and diffused light. In addition, in her portraits you can see the closeness that she achieves with her characters, since for her that interaction is an important part of what she makes her unique style of photography.
Her work can be found in magazines such as Vogue Mexico and Latin America, Harper's Bazaar Mexico, Gatopardo, Travesías, National Geographic.