"Far from the documentary and reality my artistic work often comes closer to painting and graphic design .
In the digital era, the photographic object is for me very important and the choice of paper for my tirages d'expostion [exhibition prints] is paramount. The appearance of Rag Watercolor  and Platine Fiber papers bring out the richness of my Polaroids, and their material reinforces the pictorial side of my images. The quality and longevity of the Canson Infinity® papers make the ideal media for my exhibitions."
Alain. GUILLEMAUD lives in Lyon where he began practicing photography as early as 1985. Independent photographer since 1987, he works for companies, advertising agencies, institutions and artists.
His specialities are reportage, portrait and the creation of visuals.
Passionate about alternative techniques, in parallel with the orders, he works on personal projects made with Polaroid films.
For his creations he explores all the possibilities of instant film, his research has been rewarded in 2002 by the Grand Prize of the Polaroid International Photography  Awards and the  1st European prize in the category of personal research.
In 2013, ANPA awarded him 2nd prize in the Plastic Arts competition "The Art Day 3".

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