Macedonia Workshop 18 April - 02 May

Join Peter Eastway on a photo tour to the Balkans & Adriatic.

“Mehmet Ozbalci has never let me down”, explained Peter Eastway. “So when he suggested we put together a photo tour of the Balkans and Adriatic, I was all ears. And eyes! It’s a part of the world I visited many years ago and somewhere I’ve wanted to return.”

And you’re invited to join Peter as well on a brand new photographic investigation through the Balkans and the Adriatic.
“I have been to Turkey twice, on both times with Mehmet. My next trip with Mehmet was to Georgia and Armenia – and I’m planning another trip there in 2020, also with Mehmet. “Mehmet is a photography tour guide, based in Istanbul. He is a gentleman. He has over 25 years’ guiding experience in these areas. His English is first class. And importantly, he is a keen photographer and knows where to take us!

Balkens & Adriatic with Canson Infinity Ambassador, Peter Eastway

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