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Discovery Pack Fine Art
Discovery Pack Fine Art Photo

Photo HighGloss Premium RC
consists of an ultra-smooth, alpha-cellulose, acid-free paper coated with polyethylene and multiple microporous colour receiver layers.
This ultra-white photo paper currently has the highest gloss level of the photographic resin-coated paper market. This paper offers vivid colours and deep blacks, coupled with excellent image sharpness, with a resolution of up to 5760 dpi.

Photo High Gloss Premium RC has been designed to comply with the highest lifespan requirements and respects the ISO 9706 standard.

Photo High Gloss Premium RC offers an exceptional Dmax and extremely wide colour gamut, making it the product of choice for stunning colour photos.

Product Features and Benefits
• Compatible with pigmented and dye inks
• Dries instantly
• Water-resistant
• Respects the ISO 9706 standard to guarantee maximum conservation of your prints:
   - Internally buffered to resist gas fading and maximise the conservation of your prints
   - Acid- free paper base to avoid paper degration

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Size:350 kB

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ReferenceFormat PackagingLabel
2000022908.5" x 11"Pochette - 10 sheets
2000022808.5" x 11"Box - 25 sheets
20000228111" x 17"Box - 25 sheets
20000228213" x 19"Box - 25 sheets
20000228317" x 22"Box - 25 sheets
200002291A4Pochette - 10 sheets
200002287A4Box - 25 sheets
200002285A3Box - 25 sheets

ReferenceFormat PackagingLabel
200002286A3+Box - 25 sheets
200002284A2Box - 25 sheets
20000229717" x 50'1 roll - Core 3"
20000229924" x 10'1 roll - Core 3"
20000229824" x 50'1 roll - Core 3"
20000230036" x 50'1 roll - Core 3"
20000230144" x 50'1 roll - Core 3"
20000479750" x 50'1 roll - Core 3"

“When printing on any of the glossy inkjet papers currently available with pigmented inks (“For a better longevity”), they display a particular look - the printed areas are less glossy than the paper itself.
Therefore you can easily differentiate an inkjet print from a traditional silver halide photo.

In comparison, Canson Infinity Photo HighGloss Premium RC offers a nice surprise: the paper is really a very high gloss and there is no noticeable difference between the unprinted and the printed areas.

For the 1st time, photos printed on professional printers and on Canson Infinity Photo HighGloss will be perfect!”

© Pascal Bourguignon
and Fine Art printmaker

© Pascal Bourguignon - Reflet, Champaubert-aux-bois