Canson Infinity is the brand name given to Digital Fine Art & Photo range crafted in the Canson and Arches mills.
Canson Infinity offers you Museum Quality Fine Art & Photo Inkjet Papers and Canvas.
This website is dedicated to helping you choose the best media to fully express your creativity and give you all the support to optimize the quality of your prints.
We are also happy to introduce you regularly to new artists who trust Canson Infinity and are happy to share their ideas about Digital Fine Art & Photo.

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Discover the Artist :
Kelvin Bown

All images are copyright © Kelvin Bown

"Canson Infinity brings my work closer to the perfection I aim for. Each subject’s ambiance and qualities have unique demands. For softer atmospheric images, I prefer the subtlety of Rag Photographique. The strength and clarity of Platine and Baryta impressively deliver the full range of rich dark tones while allowing light areas clarity...                             

                                                                           Kelvin Bown.