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ICC Profiles and Paper Presets
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ICC Profiles and Paper Presets

You can download from this page free ICC profiles and paper presets for each Canson Infinity papers and canvas, matched to the printers (using pigmented inks) most commonly used in the Digital Fine Art Market.

ICC profiles and paper presets will enable you to maximise the print quality and reproduce accurately the original colours, by calibrating the printer settings prior to printing. Because each paper has a slightly different shade, surface structure and reacts differently, it is important that use the setting that is specifically designed for this paper.

Once you have selected your printer model and the paper you want to use, we invite you to download the pdf document and follow in detail the guidelines to set up your printer. Please remember that other factors need to be configured to optimise the print results: 
- Check the specifications of your graphic card 
- Check that your monitor is well calibrated 
- Check that you printer does not have any ink problems (blocked ink heads, lack of ink, etc..)
- Look at your Adobe PhotoShop settings.

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Also, because of personal preferences, printing conditions and the type of image you are printing, the printer settings may need to be adapted. We recommend you experiment with different settings to reach the preferred look for your prints.

We regularly update the list of printers available.

Latest update : ICC profiles of Canson® Infinity Photo Lustre Premium RC, PhotoArt Pro Canvas and Museum Pro Canvas are now available.
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