Steffen Diemer“My photographs are often highly detailed and intensely colored. I have obtained the most faithful results from Velin and Baryta Photographique (better than the other papers in the market)."
Steffen Diemer was born in 1966. He says of himself “It’s because I grew up in a western country that my life has always been influenced by the principle of success.” In 2006, he created the advertising which portrays the picture of a happy and fulfilled life.
But since 1998, Steffen Diemer had begun to explore another much deeper path: he began to evaluate the existing systems and reflect on the political and social issues such as war and the exploitation of nature and pollution. Over the years, the self-taught, passionate about photography since the fall of the Berlin Wall, has become a true professional. It is only at the end of 2005 that he rose to the challenge of working as a documentary photographer and inspiring people around him thanks to his photographs. 

“My photographs must enable a differentiated view; they must go beyond the incessant media stream of images. My goal is to make a cultural contribution to our society focused on careerism. I hope that my photos and their stories will inspire the viewer to re-consider his prospects and perhaps even change them sustainably.”
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