Remember, the public may appreciate with such a vision, but serious professionals will understand that. As a professional photographer, you should be always aware of your responsibility! This is the attitude of Su Li.

Su Li is a diligent photographer who takes shoots of thoughts. He said how to pull into the lens the images mapping in the mind to shoot works from a psychological perspective. Being fond of photography and confused by self-reflection, he was fascinated with psychology. He also wanted to be such a heroic war correspondent as Robert Capa who he fanatically worshiped. However, psychology enables him to understand that for a photographer, to be a war correspondent does not mean to drop long lens and rush to the frontline with a Leica camera in hand. What he needs to know is on fire swirling battlefields, what will be true to himself, a warrior or a coward subconsciously. 
As a Leica photographer, Su Li emanates his unique charisma of ingenuity. From Paris back to China, from press to magazine and then into commercial world, all of those experiences reshape his photographic style again and again, which more than once brings him doubted voices from photography circle. In this regard, he is, unexpectedly very excited, "I think controversy is a good thing. Photography is not an art too abstruse to be discussed broadly. I think what I have been doing is only some technical job out of context, and I was a skilled craftsman.".

After more than six years of studies and work in Paris, Su Li comes back to China with French styled human feelings and emotions. The following experiences make a peculiar photographer out of him: designer, FIG editor, photographer, visual director, customer innovative designer and so on. He has stepped on every corner of the visual field. Private shooting and commercial photography has never been put down by him.
He worked in the department of photography of the second-largest French newspaper LE MONDE, and photographed the former and current US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Geithner. He shot plane commercials for Paris Tourism Bureau. He took the opening pictures of the world famous violinist Mr. Romaric, the fourth French conductor Mr. Meffana, the painter Mr. Jean Eyve and the poet Mr. Roche in their albums of paintings and biographies. He filmed print ads for Calvin Klein sports jeans. The thematic pictures of "The 65th Years after Normandy landing" on German GEO magazine that he shot won him 2011 United States National Geographic First Regional Prize. More than one time GQ magazine print ads were filmed by him, and he also shot print ad for the fourth French champagne provider "HENERI ABELE", Jeep, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley and other businesses. And he obtained Effie Advertisement Gold Award from his shooting for both Shell and Tongyi Lubricants in 2010. Su Li all the way uses camera as a tool to open dialogues with the world.