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Getting it right first time - how to select the right Canson Infinity fine art paper for your image.

On 16/01/2018 at 16:00 GMT

Selecting the best Canson Infinity fine art paper for your image can be challenging, but it starts with a basic understanding  of paper characteristics and how they can work together with your image to create a successful print. 

We have invited Canson Ambassador, Robert Rodriguez Jr  to share the most important paper characteristics you need to know and how to use them when selecting papers for your images. 
We are also inviting you to send in your favorite image, as Robert will select three images that have been submitted, print them on a Canson Infinity paper, explain why he has selected the paper and the process he used.
Please upload your image using the link below. The maximum file size is 2MB. Robert will then review all the images and select three of them to include in his webinar. We will be in touch with you directly to ask for the hi-res images. The final image would need to be as follows:
- File Size: 2800 pixels on the long end
- File type: JPEG, highest quality, Adobe98 or ProPhotoRGB color space
- No sharpening

Presented by Robert Rodriguez Jr in englishflag galerie See his/her Gallery

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